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In the face of sobering statistics – with over 25 million graduates in Nigeria facing unemployment or underemployment and a staggering 400 million African youths aged 15 to 35 struggling with similar challenges – the key to unlocking Africa's prosperity and eradicating poverty lies in fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and tech-driven innovation.

Evolve Africa stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, dedicated to empowering the next generation of African individuals with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to secure impactful jobs in the realm of information technology or to establish tech-enabled businesses. Since our inception in 2019, we have been resolutely committed to reaching and assisting thousands of young minds across the African continent. Through our efforts, these aspiring individuals have gained access to invaluable learning experiences, including essential business skills and digital proficiency.

We strongly believe that the potential of digital skills and small businesses is a potent catalyst for economic growth. Our core mission centers on nurturing the talents of young people from grassroots communities, ensuring they are equipped with both the business acumen and technological prowess needed to excel in today's digital landscape.

Evolve Innovation hub

Here young people leverage p2p technology to collaborate and innovate.

Our Approach

Ours is an inclusive approach with focus on the grassroots.

Inclusion We focus on unemployed from the grassroots and help give them an equal playing ground through partial scholarship and subsidised course access fees.

Partnership We partner with our entrepreneurs along the journey through the highs and lows ensuring they have a reliable support system.

Network We organise job fairs and demo days quarterly to link you up with opportunities in your sector.


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What people say about finlance planning

Emmanuel Ugba CEO, Emassion Shoes Ltd.

Evolve Africa offered my business the mentorship and advisory that helped us raise $18,000 from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council

Chioma Deborah Data Analyst

I registered for the data analytics, digital marketing and career development courses and I now have a remote Job working for a UK based company from Nigeria

Jessica Ngwudoh Digital Marketer

I registered to learn Digital Marketing to help businesses, which was delivered by seasoned trainers. I would recommend the Evolve Africa Skillup Program anytime.

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