About Us

Evolve Africa is a business incubator designed for early stage and aspiring entrepreneurs with training, resources, mentorship and investments.We believe entrepreneurs are the key to the transformation of the continent so we have set out to facilitating and grooming the next generation of African Entrepreneurs who leverage data and technology to solve difficult problems.

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Our Core Tools

We leverage these tools to help Entrepreneurs build what people want

Our Business Incubation Programs expose you to these tools and its application to businesses. Our approach guarantees you build what people really want to pay for

Data Analysis


Business Intelligence


Branding/Product Development

Software Development


Let's help you CREATE your EUREKA Moment !

At Evolve Africa, we believe that we all are business people. Its either you run a business or you work for a business
Be part of something bigger than yourself.

Our Programs

With a very rich faculty of diverse professionals, our programs are technology and data driven.

Team members can either specialize on Product Development or Software Development but all other component listed below is compulsory.

Product Development

Learn Agile and Scrum, while designing appealing User Interface, frameworks and products.

Data Science

Leverage Data to build and scale fast.

Software Development

Develop softwares to solve problems.

Team and Leadership

Join a new family, develop and hone your leadership skills

Sales and Marketing

Why build if you can't sell?

Business Development Training

Tons of business development courses and professionals at your disposal

Legal and Communication

Get to know more about the legal application to business and develop your business communications skils.

Fun and Networking

Yes, it is an intensive program, but we will play when we have changed the world

Pitching and Funding

Pitch in front of investors and secure funding

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