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Job Responsibilities

Are you a recent graduate or an undergraduate in a Nigerian tertiary institution? Do you have strong leadership skills, team spirit, entrepreneurial drive, and problem solving skills? Do you want be an SDGs 4 and 8 champion, and would like to be equipped with requisite knowledge needed to accelerate development in Africa and in the world of work?  If these sound like you, here is an amazing opportunity to join the Evolve Africa team as a volunteer.

This is a great opportunity for a growth oriented collegiate to develop critical skills in social media management, communication, writing, and to, also, hone their quotients- emotional, intelligence, and social.

We currently have just 2 volunteer positions which are Media Manager 1 and 2
A volunteer should be online frequently and social media and communications savvy, being able to engage our audience productively.

A volunteer will join the team and also be part of team processes such as monthly reward for best team members and internal team development.

Employment Status
Educational Requirements
You are either a student or a graduate seeking work experience as a volunteer.
Experience Requirements

You are social media savvy 

You are a skilled writer or looking to develop your writing skills.

Additional Requirements

You will need to have access to a computer for your writing and a smart phone for managing social media.

Job Location

This is a voluntary role and so no salary is expected.

Compensation & Other Benefits

Data bundle shall be provided to volunteers on the days/weeks they are working.

Upskilling opportunities to grow your skills and portfolio.

Stipend shall only  be provided if volunteer undertake any special assignment for the organisation. 

Read Before Apply

1. This is not a paid position. Only apply if the work experience here will help your career journey.

2. Send your CV, and an up-to 200 words explaining why you want to be considered for this role.

Send your CV to hello@evolveafrica.org.