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January 05, 2024 - BY Admin

How You Can Make Money With Your Digital Skills

Have you been having challenges making money from your digital skills?

It is very frustrating getting a digital skill and still not being able to make more money from it. The numerous awareness of digital skills as the new order of employment must have raised your hopes and inspired you to acquire one of the top digital skills, yet you have not started earning with it.


In this article, we will share top proven ways on how you can make money with your digital skills.


Making money requires hard work and perseverance.  It is worthy to note that this is not a ‘Fast money-making scheme’. Don’t be deceived with all the enticing pictures of mansions, cars, and other captivating contents you see out there about making money online in 24 hours. Every one of them is a SCAM, and you will end up wasting your time and money on unrealistic, unproven strategies.


Unlike other “make money online” posts, this article is a comprehensive guide on how you can earn substantial income from your digital skills and even kickstart a digital career.


If you are yet to acquire a digital skill or do not know what digital skills are, don’t fret.


According to UNESCO, digital skills are the range of abilities to use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information. They enable people to create and share digital content, communicate and collaborate, and solve problems for effective and creative self-fulfillment in life, learning, work, and social activities at large. Everyday living and the world of work have evolved; digital skills are highly necessary to be employable as well as make extra income.


Product design, content writing, graphics design, data analytics, animation, and many more digital skills are currently the top skills companies are employing. This is a reassurance that acquiring a digital skill is not a mistake but a blessing and you have finally found a way to monetize your skill.


Are you curious yet? Let’s take a look at the topmost proven ways on how you can

make money with your digital skills.


1.   Freelancing: If you are good at designing captivating graphics, or you know how to create engaging articles, or you are good at video editing, for example; then you can become a freelancer. You can sell your skills working as a freelancer for individuals and organizations.


Your contacts; people you know, your previous place of work, your mates at college are all potential customers. All you need to do is market your skill to them and put a price on the service you are about to render. If eventually your contacts do not need the services of a freelancer, there are many websites and online platforms that bridge that gap by connecting freelancing-skilled professionals to companies and individuals that need specific work done. Some freelance websites include UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Workana, etc.


As stated earlier, making money with your digital skill is not a ‘rich quick scheme’, so the more you execute projects, the more your reputation increases and you will witness an increase in the job offered. Boom! you are already making money.


2.  Online Coaching Class: Online coaching or online tutoring provides 2 benefits to an individual; first, you make money from subscribers and secondly you get to understand more and research more about your skill. With your level of expertise, you can always create a platform (Facebook group, WhatsApp group, Telegram group or channel, personal website, and other multimedia platforms) to teach that particular skill to people.


If you can teach a particular language, this is a lucrative means of making money by digitalizing your content.


In an online coaching class, you only need to perfectly record a section of your class once and explain briefly in the text. This can be sold to different people at different prices. Remember, marketing your skill to your contacts is key to gaining attention.


However, if you feel you do not have the access to people who will buy your classes, there are certain online platforms that have in existence your prospective clients. These platforms can connect you to different people around the globe willing to learn that skill or subject area you want to teach. Sites like Thinkific, Teachable, Podia, and many others can be used to sell your courses.


Also, you can also upload courses on your e-commerce site or publish free classes on your social media handles and use that as a lead generation means to get prospective customers and showcase your skill.


3. One on One Skill training: Asides selling courses online, you can also make money from your skill through 1-1 training. Some of your tutors for online courses or classes could need more physical training, take as an instance, graphic design, video editing, or animation. You can charge hourly and make more cash aside from the sold online courses or classes they might have bought or attended. There is no skill that can’t be sold by hourly physical training, you only need to be a master in your skill and be able to teach it efficiently.


4.  Consulting Services: Do you know how to generate leads from social media? Are you a pro at getting attention on social media channels? Are you a pro at content marketing, product review? Your efficiency in your digital skills is highly sought out by individuals and organizations who lack how to implement such skill in their dealings. You can get paid by offering consulting services to direct, counsel, and improve prospective clients’ specific needs. Consulting has no boundaries and you can be a consultant to more several organizations at the same time depending on the level of your expertise and verifiable track record.


With the proven ways stated above, rather than browsing aimlessly online searching for quick money schemes; you can choose one if not all to start making money with your digital skills and if you are a full-time worker, you can earn extra income in your free time.


As far as you have a social media handle; you can make money online through brand awareness and affiliate marketing. If you are yet to learn a digital skill. Evolve Africa offers training on various digital skills in a flexible way and at an affordable price, visit https://evolveafrica.org/skillup to register.