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January 07, 2024 - BY Admin


There are many small businesses you can start from the corner of your room with very little capital to supplement your other sources of income, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to rely on just one source to put food on the table.


Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous ways to launch a business that allow you to concentrate less on the details and initial expenses and focus more on launching your ideas. But before then, let’s get past your most significant mental block, which is “I really want to start a business, but I do not have a single idea.”


However, before you get started, you must conduct some preliminary market research, determine for yourself who will be interested in and willing to pay for your suggested goods or services by carrying out simple market surveys through word of mouth, polls on your social media platforms, etc.


This is known as “determining your market and potential clients.” Your next effort should go directly into “detailing” your company plan if, after spreading the word about your ideas to numerous people over the course of a few weeks, you feel that these people would be paying clients.


It pays to have everything planned out before you begin; the more clearly you can “see” everything before you begin, the greater your chances of success.


You can review some of the suggestions in this article and choose the one that best suits your needs to serve as your success’s road map.


Although this list is not exhaustive, you can choose one or two of the businesses to show interest in.





Cleaning company services have been getting a lot of attention lately as the need for cleaning services, including janitorial, maid, and residential cleaning, has increased in Nigeria and across the globe in recent years.


Starting a cleaning service business in Nigeria is a surefire way to create a successful enterprise because so many homes, schools, businesses, and churches these days outsource their cleaning tasks.


Make arrangements with companies that offer labor for tasks like polishing, cleaning carpets, dusting, and office environment cleanup in order to collect a commission from them.


Find the flaws in this service industry that are obvious, make the decision to fill them, do business differently, and watch your profits grow.




Day care centres and services are now in high demand, especially as more parents are getting into the corporate world in order to achieve their financial and personal goals, hence the need to find a friendly environment to keep their children within work hours. If you love children, then this is a space you would want to get into. You can start small by rearranging a corner in your personal space and getting toys, children’s musicals, and cartoons.


You can begin with 2-3 children at a reasonable fee and provide excellent child services; once a parent is satisfied with your services, word will spread, and you will be in business on a large scale.




Every day, people start new businesses and need a plan to follow. You can decide to be the “go-to person” for their plan writing.


Select a business sector in which you are an expert, conduct market research on it, and develop the business plan’s narrative and financial statements. Set your price based on the primary service that the client will purchase, and include the additional services as an add-on. You have two options: either give clients an electronic file and let them take it from there, or maintain the business plan on file and provide the service of fine-tuning it as needed. Have sample business plans you may present to prospective clients, and don’t forget to add your own. Due to Google being your friend when doing research, you may also get started with little to no money.




Snail meat has generally been accepted as a very wholesome and safe dish. Because so many people are avoiding beef or red meat in this day and age due to increasing coronary implications and other health difficulties, snail growers are sure to succeed. It is also encouraging to learn that a firm to produce snails could be launched with just N15,000 in startup funds. The rainy season is the optimum time to start raising snails, but if you have access to a borehole or live close to a swampy area, you may raise snails at any time of the year. These snails are available from farmers or from markets across the nation. Promote your produce by handing out pamphlets, handbills, and flyers at hotels, restaurants, bukkaterias, corporate offices, schools, catering schools, government offices, etc.





A fantastic backyard business idea is an aquarium business. Fish breeding and aquarium care services are two of the primary paths people take in this area. An aquarium business involves more than simply a skill set. Because most individuals who wish to buy an aquarium will want options, it demands a respectable investment in equipment. You must give the client a variety of options, like a small, circular or rectangular aquarium that can be placed in a room’s corner or a small aquarium that can be mounted on a wall, among others. You can charge anywhere between N20,000 and N100,000.


Choose a concept , carry out your strategy, and build a profitable business you love. You can discuss your service with furniture stores, gardeners, landscapers, interior decorators, building contractors, etc. You won’t regret starting an aquarium business, which just costs N100,000 at the beginning.





Nowadays, pubs offer entertainment more regularly, but the owners don’t always have the time or desire to plan it. So, this is your business concept. Locate a welcoming bar or event space and propose to host a weekly party or live performances of comedies, talent shows, exhibitions, etc. The agreement would be that you would plan the event and collect gate/admission fees. The outlet’s owner lends you the area, hall, ground, or amenities for a fee or without charge, but he gets all the proceeds from the additional food and drink sales. The work is simple after the agreement has been reached. Offer music, etc., perhaps from a talented DJ. Sell as many tickets to the event as you can by promoting it as much as you can.


By doing this, you may also give your friends who make outstanding small chops, decorations, cakes, drinks, etc. the opportunity to also make money.




Many publishing companies and independent authors hire proofreaders; some of them choose the services of part-time proofreaders since they cannot afford to pay the full-time proofreaders’ monthly salaries. Make sure your database has listings of scriptwriters, article writers, and children’s book authors. You should also contact publishing firms and advertise your service in the local paper, on social media, in an electronic publication, etc. Your proficiency with script proofreading is all you need to get started.




If you’ve been thinking about starting a small business but haven’t heard of fish farming, you’re missing out. Many people have become wealthy from fish farming throughout the years because of population growth and the vastly increased demand for protein. If done correctly, fish meal is always profitable. If the proper mechanisms are in place, fish farming is a profitable industry. Due to its low cholesterol content and high protein content, fish is becoming more and more popular. All you need to do is find a location, purchase or build tanks, purchase fingerlings for between N10 and N20, feed them for 4 to 6 months, and then sell them for between N1500 and N2000, depending on weight and size.


To begin, though, you must have a fundamental understanding of fish farming.




With the increase in fitness and losing weight, you just need to decide on what part of it you want to venture into. Once you’ve decided on a specialty, thoroughly research it (because it is).Recognize your competition, your target market, and the particular clientele you’re aiming to attract.


If you’ve made the decision to run your business virtually, you’ll need to consider where you’ll film your exercise videos and host your online classes. Find a well-lit room in your home and use the same setting for each film in your series to maintain a consistent aesthetic. See our guide to green exercise if you intend to train customers outside.




As long as the game of football keeps evolving and there is a community of football fans, this industry will thrive. The arguments between supporters of the competing teams add to the enjoyment of watching football games in viewing areas, even though they can occasionally turn violent.


By constructing football viewing venues in your neighborhood, you can make a lot of money. All you need is a room you can set aside in your house or a space you can rent, a TV (big screens work best), a DSTV decoder, a subscription to premium services, chairs, and adequate lighting.


Additionally, make sure the area is properly ventilated. Matches are not played every day or even every weekend; therefore, you can choose to add a game centre to your company in order to make money on the free days.


According to Benjamin Franklin, “you may delay, but time does not.”


Now that you have a variety of choices, it’s time to seek out the businesses that suit your interests, get to work, and launch out.