You need to Cash Your Passion – CEO Cesan technology.

to have always believed that when you learn you will always get a solution to most of your problems.

My Tech Journey started when I left Secondary school through my immediate brother Called Kelechi Uzuegbu (Kesan), He was a computer engineer and he deals on computers and its accessories

He said to me that Tech will rule the world soon, what I need to do is to go into the Web aspect of it I was determined, curious and motivated

I started with learning the engineering part of a Computer E.g. how to format, dismantle, identify a problem and how to understand different computer components and computer applications.

I now decided to have a private tutor on Web design which I Paid 50k as of that time which is very expensive, The tutor started with the fundamentals which are HTML and some CSS to style it up, yes it was strange to me but because I was curious and determined to learn, I was not feeling the hit at all.

Remember I was not in the University/Polytechnic then, I was just with an O level Certificate, because of the love I have for Tech, I was praying to God to give me admission in Computer Science or Information Technology

I got a friend that introduced me to Virtual Dj 2.0 I started learning because I love music so I grabbed the opportunity to learn day and night in perfect on being a professional DJ, well it was a long journey but I didn’t allow my dreams to die, people started appreciating my Job , club and hotels was requesting for my services ETC
I have played for 7 Hotels and 3 clubs as a DJ and I have been the Dj to so many Wedding, child dedication, Birthday Parties Etc

I started getting contracts on Web Design and finally, I got admission in Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture (Computer Science)

When I was in school I was a politician which gave me room to so many things in life, I never stayed a semester without a post.

Because of the love I have for entertainment I wanted to drive the social life in MOUAU I now went for the post of Director Or Socials SUG , I WON.
When I was the DOS I created the entertainment body called TGIF ENTERTAINMENT that handled the social affairs in MOUAU.

During my Service year in Lagos, I own a Registered Business CESANWEB TECHNOLOGIES (We create a website, IT consulting and Digital Marketing)

As a web designer and an Entertainer, I was thinking so deep on a solution that will capture all my dreams on entertainment, I now thought about creating a platform that will Man all the event listing and event services such as Ticketing, Event Planning, Decoration, Cake, Dj, Makeup ETC Now came on board Cesanevents is an event technology platform. We build the technology to allow anyone to create, share, find and attend new things to do that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. Music festivals, venues, marathons, conferences, political rallies, fundraisers, we power it. Our mission? To bring the world together through live experiences.

We have successfully listed more than 32 Events and we have up to 25 Event services listed on our platform

Sensitizing Nigerians and some Areas to understand the concept of the platforms, most people find it difficult to use their card to make payments online

I wouldn’t say finance but the fund is a necessity, what made it easier is that I have developed my self in a way I can manage the platform from scratch, I know soon we will have many teams on board

Event Planners most of them see online as a big thing and we have been sensitizing them starting from when we created the platform that’s a challenge and I believe soon people will see much reason to it


I was inspired by my past and I was motivated by my success so far as a young businessman, I was seeing my dream come through when I started the project I was discouraged but what saved me was I surrounded my self with Innovative thinkers

You need to Cash Your Passion, don’t let anybody destroy your dreams, for young people that want to start up business, going into what you have a passion for is a credit to the success of your business.

Always Learn, Keep Learning and Please Don’t Stop Learning
Always surround yourself with people that motivates and encourages you
Don’t settle for less Always be determined to Wax Higher
Always give me a cheerful giver
Always Appreciate God and Love yourself Always

Instagram : @cesan16
Twitter : @Engrcesan
LinkedIn : Cesan Chinedu Uzuegbu
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Instagram : @cesanevents
Facebook : @cesanevents
Twitter : @cesanevents

Cesan Chinedu Uzuegbu
CEO Cesanweb Technologies (Registered)
07033378415, 09067010779

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