I used to be afraid of failing – Chiedozie Marshall

Tweet Chat Session with Mr. Chiedozie Marshall Okegbo of ‘HireaTaxi’


In a society like Nigeria, where many believe being an entrepreneur is more like a hopeless situation and probably a life sentence for others, some have gone out of their way to take some bold steps in trying. In a tweet chat session with EVOLVE AFRICA, Mr Chiedozie Marshall opened up on his expectations for his brand, his challenges so far and what has kept him going. Enjoy.


Evolve Africa: Good evening, Mr. Chiedozie, Can you please tell us more about the start-up Hire A Taxi?

Mr. Chiedozie: OK, Hire a Taxi is a platform created out of the burning desire to meet the needs of everyday people in major cities in Nigeria. We also create a platform for taxi drivers to earn better.

Evolve Africa: So far, has the expectations you had before creating this platform been met?

Mr. Chiedozie: It’s a work in progress, we have gotten proof of consent. People are calling, people are getting connected to taxi drivers in their cities. We are expanding gradually.

Evolve Africa: What are the challenges you have encountered so far?

Mr. Chiedozie: Major challenge is getting the taxi drivers in these cities. Once we get to them and pitch our idea…They love it. So, it involves a lot of traveling too.

Apart from that, it’s the normal challenge in Nigeria.

Evolve Africa: Acknowledging these challenges and the “Normal Nigeria issues”, Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Mr. Chiedozie: We keep providing solutions, successful people don’t run away from challenges, they embrace it and conquer.

Evolve Africa: In the same vain, What does entrepreneurship mean to you personally?

Mr. Chiedozie: Entrepreneurship to me is being able to solve problems, provide solutions and in return grow with the society you saved.

We are working on reaching more drivers and cities by the end of the year.

Mr. Chiedozie: My advice is simple, don’t stop exploring new opportunities and ideas.

I used to be afraid of failing, until I realized that failing is one of the goals of learning. Look at your environment, there’s a problem waiting to be solved, get involved in programs that will guide you.

Evolve Africa: Thank you so much for your time sir.

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