This young entrepreneur converted the circumstances he encountered growing up into a business…

My name is prince wisdom Ezeh.

I’m a writer, social media marketer and brand developer, and brand builder. I help businesses and brand grow their brand visibility and influence online through social media marketing and branding.

I’m the CEO of Perfect House Media. We provide lasting solutions for your brand growth.

We help promote, build, manage, grow and develop your brand visibility and influence online and offline too.

We give out platforms where young talented people showcase what they have.

Our Services are:



*Graphics Design.


– What motivated you to start the venture.

I grew up in a place where I was denied the privilege and platform to showcase what I have. I knew I was multi-talented, I do lots of things but no platform to showcase what was inside of me.

Gradually I started working on possible ways to show up. Then I love being with my phone and staying online because I grew up in a family where you don’t associate with people so we were locked up daily after school, so my phone became my companion.

Years went by, I developed the passion for media and publicity, I went further to apply for the position of publicity manager of a blog, luckily I got the job. While working for the blog I was building a presence online and offline. From 2014 till 2016 I worked with the blog till 2017 when Perfect House Media was birthed.

– Challenges encountered

A lot of challenges then, one was capital which every startup face. The second was getting clients, most people who come to patronize us then always ask for free services. The third was getting online and offline presence.

– The solution to the problem.

How did I solve most of the problems then? When I officially started working on my brand, I started giving freebies to people, offered free services to people. And still, build my brand influence and visibility.

Also, I build up my own team. I was consistent, I preached my brand daily.

Do you really want to venture into becoming a social media marketer? Then my advice for you, build your online presence, be consistent, be a guru in what you do and never forget God in anything you do.

Reach me on the following platforms :

Whatsapp: 09034211165 or 08172579534.

Facebook: Prince Wisdom Ezeh, Phmedia ng, Perfect House Media.


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