Taxation and Legal Education for Startups.

Majority of entrepreneurs do not know how to calculate and file for taxation nor the different kinds of taxes they can opt in or out from which places their business in the danger of the law and government sanctions. Some who pay either over pays or pay at the wrong hands.

Majority of others do not know the legal options available to them as startups, most business owners do not know the significance of legal assistance and knowledge in their businesses.

Are you wondering if you need a lawyer for your business or in which instances you should call the attention of a legal assistant then this is the class for you.

Evolve Africa has organized a Legal and Taxation Education for entrepreneurs who are facing this challenge. We have decided to run it as an online program so we can reach entrepreneurs across the continent.

While registering, please do enter your whatsapp number.

Note: If you are registering from outside Nigeria, do include your country code so we can find you on whatsapp.

Registration to this program is free but you must submit your details by clicking on the below link to be enrolled on the whatsapp platform.

Click HERE to register or copy the below link into your browser

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