My University Education was not coming forth, so I learnt to become a pro in art – CEO, Hardy Art

What motivated you to start the venture

For me, there was no motivation at first because I kinda stumbled on it. My story is not like the regular ones as I had no big dreams to become a successful visual artist. As a young lad, I finished my WAEC exams and hoped to get admission into the University but it wasn’t forthcoming, then I thought of what to do rather than staying at home for a long period of time. I then saw an artist who does handmade cards for occasions and I decided to go learn how to draw from him. He took me through card making process and didn’t teach me how to draw but I still had the passion (in bits) to draw and this led me to go find another artist who taught me patience in Art and how to draw with confidence.

I then decided to turn this passion into a business in the year 2010 or thereabout. I knew how it feels to be in serious thought of what to gift your loved ones that will be remarkable and make them feel good, this was how I started making portraits of people for a price. Since then, I have been into portraiture using different media like pencil, biro, oil color on canvas, handmade cards, etc.

  • Challenges encountered

Challenges encountered include sourcing for materials, getting people who would pay for the value I was offering, also getting capable hands to join my team.

  • the solution to the problem

The solution is; start from where you are with what you have. I bought my materials gradually and when I got more clients, I saved to buy materials and for getting customers that will pay for your value, I had to decide who I wanted to serve, that is, who is my target market? I have been in the search for people who can handle other aspects of my business and those with artistic skills and most importantly, I decided to train your students in the Arts so that they can work with me.

In conclusion, Whatever your hands find to do, do it well and in so doing, you are likely to find your dream. Keep your head up, keep trying and make friends with people who can support and encourage you.

Name: Frank Ojo
Business name: Hardy Art
Mobile?: 07061244951
Instagram: ojohardy
Twitter: hardyart6
Facebook: Hardy Creative Art

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