I’ve been sewing for 6 years now but I still learn everyday.

My name is Onua Lebechi. A 300lvl law student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and also a fashion designer. My official brand is LEBECE. I am also the official designer at SOFTNATION GLOBAL LIMITED, an e-commerce company based in Awka.
I started sewing in 2013 after my secondary school as a way to escape depression from not being admitted into the university yet and the mounting pressure from home. Sewing was a form of refuge for me.
Eventually, I got to realize that I love doing it and had a flair for creating wears. I started sewing in school in 2016 after my 2-year diploma programme in UNIZIK. I also wasn’t admitted initially so again it saved me from depression?.
Creating designs is fun for me…I love seeing people in my wears. It gives me joy??
One of the major challenges I’ve encountered is finding a balance between my work and my education. People ask how I do it…cos Law and Fashion are both very demanding professions. I don’t have all the answers yet but one thing I’m sure of is time management. After reading Brian Tracy’s Eat that frog, it put things in perspective for me. It helped me with my procrastination issues and I can confidently say that no area of my life suffers. The balance is not perfect yet but none is suffering at the other’s expense.
Another challenge was the finishing of the orders. I thank God for Pastor Mrs. Obi Ogbo. She helped me with the challenge of finishing. She tutored me and explained a lot of things to me about the business of fashion. Now I’m very particular about the details of my dresses because she showed me its importance.
Another challenge which I would say is the problem of most designer/tailors is delivery. Am not yet 100% successful in that area but I make every effort to ensure that I deliver the orders at the agreed time. I’ve lost count of how many sleepless nights I’ve had just to make sure a dress is ready.

I’ve been sewing for 6years now but I understood that new trends are emerging. So I still learn..everyday and everywhere. Facebook groups, Instagram and especially youtube. I follow notable designers like Kim dave, bilikis signatures, Nick verreos, etc.

Notwithstanding the reason why I initially started sewing…I’m glad I did. If I didn’t have this skill, a lot of things would have gone wrong in my life especially now when you consider the state of the country’s economy. I’ve made it my mission to ensure that every one of my siblings learns one skill or the other and they are better for it.

Times are changing. Only those with value to offer are been recognized. So make yourself valuable. Offer something. Be useful to the economy. Learn a skill and you will be glad you did.

You can follow me on Instagram @lebece_designs. Check out my Facebook account…Onua Lebechi Hannah. Or WhatsApp me on 08103516238.
Delivery is nationwide??

4 thoughts on “I’ve been sewing for 6 years now but I still learn everyday.

  1. Lebechi oo.. I luv u, u wil go places definitely, u r a determined being and God who have strtd strong wit u wil continue to c u through til u blow enough to buy me Benz (nt kiddin o).. God bless u sweerie, i luv dis write up. Thumbs up

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