My mission is to transform the educational sector of my community

My name is Adelowo Jephthah and the founder of Gemstone Tech Tutors which is a social enterprise that focuses on using technological innovations to promote learning and create skills empowerment for youths, with the aim of providing solutions to teeming society’s need.

What motivated to start the business??

Well, after the completion of my service year i went back home and saw a need that I want to fill which was creating safe spaces for the youths online, I actually saw that learning is no longer as appealing to students as it used to be and the traditional blackboard learning style is really going into extinction.

Hence, we need to create online learning as an alternative and a means to make learning more creative because videos speak more to the minds of students.

I also want the youths in my community to be technologically proficient and knows how to handle a computer so I set up Gemstone Tech Tutors to fill the void.

Challenges Encountered

Well, some of the challenges I encountered was getting my students to know the relevance of technology and it’s usefulness in creative learning and also the opportunity embedded in learning technical skills like coding, programming, designs, and content creators.

Solutions proffers to that challenge was to organize a sensitization seminar or campaign which is aimed at stimulating the minds of students to the importance of learning digital skills at this time.

We also give incentive to learners who are doing so well to encourage them.

My advice to young people is to be a solution provider and endeavor to be a lifelong learner and whatever they find their hands on doing, they should do it with diligence and excellence.
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