I overcame Sickle Cell stigmatization to build a fashion business with customers around the world.

My name is Babalola Abiola Esther, am 27 years old and am a native if kwara state,also a graduate of History and international studies from the prestigious university:University of Ilorin Kwara state,am a Christian and a single mum.
I started the journey of entrepreneur when I was still young ,learnt tailoring but I really do not get the logic behind the whole thing,I never had real passion, but I kept moving it and later gained admission, i was still moving around that cycle and it got tiring at a stage graduated and started service in the year 2017,that year was a turning point .
So now during my service year we were introduced to skill (SAED) I did 3 different programmes but there was this particular one I can say made me fulfilled which was the branding skills ,I had passion in designs, fabrics,relating with people and also making designs ,do I discovered all this could be achieved in just one skills a d I derive so much joy in it all I want to see is a broad smile on my client face as a symbol of satisfaction.

I must say it was not easy ,learning my skills from the expert I knew as at then cost Me almost 1000 daily and I did that with other saed I was learning, it took time, funds,and determination to achieve all this but because I had passion for it I never got discouraged amist all this challenges.
After service ,I started with an online store and it was not a fast one ,the publicity was low,no much funding and the task of getting your customer base was very tasking,I stated with my WhatsApp ,I post designs, I wear my designs ,I upload designs I can make and gradually enigmaticwears came into reality,my first job was a work I did for a fellowship and it got me more referrals, right now we have expanded out brand by having clients in United state of America, lagos,Ibadan and nationwide.
I must say we are not there yet but we are still on the track to stardom.Enigmatic wears will be clocking a year by October 2019.
Word of encouragement:firstly I would say no one is a liability because we all count equally, it is now your responsibility to maximize the potential you have got ,I had been limited and stigmatized by the society i live in because I live with sickle cell disorder but hello will you get out of that box of limitation ,your perception determines your reaction, never quit till you get result.

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